Life Update #MotivationalMonday


Hey Guys,

So life has been so hectic atm so I thought I'd do a short blog post explaining my current happenings. So firstly you may or may not have seen from a previous post that I graduated recently which meant time to enter the real world. Of course I was in denial for a good few weeks before I managed to get my shit together and started applying for jobs. Well today was my first day at a new professional job! I am extremely lucky to have been given such a fantastic opportunity to work for a excellent company in the west end of London in the industry that I want. I'm so excited to fully get stuck into work but also I am finding it incredibly exhausting so therefore blogging is going to have to go on hold for a bit... Sorry!

Talking about blogging I also want to say a massive thank you to all my readers. I've recently had an influx of comments that I will definitely reciprocate before next Monday (bear with me a bit) and also I reached 100 likes on my Facebook page! I really would like to thank everyone so much and I will be returning Facebook likes to all those who have liked and given their page urls (again give me a week). I really do appreciate every single reader who takes the time out to listen to my babble. 

And before I finish I want to give a special thanks to who  has sweetly nominated me for the versatile blogger award. A few months back I was nominated for the award so didn't want to do another post but I couldn't just ignore this wonderful sentiment by Kira, especially since she took the time to also write some kind words describing my blog. Greatly appreciated!!

So guys I solemnly promise to reciprocate comments and likes soon and also have two excited blog posts to write but at the moment I am so tired I couldn't even muster the energy to turn the laptop on so this is written from my phone. Therefore sorry for the bad formatting I'll also update this when I'm more awake. 

With Love Amrit x
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  1. good luck in your new start!! all the best x

  2. thank you :D I do love your blog :D And good luck with your new job and ultimately have fun :D