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Hey Guys!

Cheers to the frickin' weekend! This is the first time in a very long time that the weekend has meant anything to me. Now that I am in full time employment it feels like heaven to have days when I can wake up after 7am! So today I have another exciting product for my lovely readers. Aren't you lucky? ;). This time I've been asked to review a nail product called Fuse Gelnamel.

Now I'm completely torn as to how I feel about this product as in some ways it is absolutely fantastic, and in others not so much. So without further a do letstalknails...

At First Glance...
Fuse Genamel | Boots £19.99

You get a LED Lamp (that claims it adjusts for toes, although I haven't tried this yet), a very pretty polish , the power cord you use to plug it in, a mini double sided nail buffer, a little wooden manicure stick for  cuticles, a few thin "lint free" wipes, and a small bottle of cleanser.
I liked the fact that the set was quite cute and miniature and thought it would be cute to give to younger girls as a present. I thought the LED lamp may be battery operated due to the size which would be very convenient but unfortunately it wasn't which was slightly disappointing.

lint free wipes | double sided nail buffer | manicure stick | fuse LED lamp|
power cord and plug | gelnamel polish | cleaner

What the Product Claims...

The product is meant to be the at home solution for Gel nails, and better yet, a simple all in one solution. This means that no base or top coat are required as it is all in one which makes the product much more efficient. The main selling points of this product are

- "all in one formula"
- "one coat coverage"
- "30 - second flash dry"
- "anti- chip technology"
- "megawatt shine that lasts"

Now I can say that the product does do exactly what it claims. The only thing questionable was the 'one coat coverage'. I found that I needed two coats, but I admittedly have weird nails. By this I mean that I have tiny nail beds, meaning I have to grow my nails particularly long to have decent length nails, and therefore have a lot of  the "white bit" compared to others. 

Other than that it did exactly what it stated. It really did take 30 seconds to dry and was virtually impossible to chip. I even got something sharp and scratched the surface and it didn't chip which had me feeling impressed. The polish was also very shiny and I had high hopes for the product.

The Problem...

A non chip fast drying nail polish you say? what on earth could be the problem? Uunfortunately there were a number of things about the product that let me down. First of all, although the polish takes 30 seconds to dry you have to do one nail at a time which as you can imagine isn't the fastest of processes. However I happily admit that I'd rather that, then wait 20-30mins for all my nails to dry like I normally have to do. Well normally should do but never do and therefore always have chipped/smudged nails.

The big major problem was that although that it didn't chip, the nails only lasted one day. This was because the colour literally fell off. You may be a bit confused  here, and trust me so was I to wake up with only 2 nails still painted and a bed filled with little films of colour. It was as though that I had stuck on the colour to my nails and it had just popped off. Now I don't want to blame the product completely for this. I didn't really prep the nail to the extent it suggested and I did have two coats on when it specified "apply one thin coat to that nail". The consistency of the polish was quite gloopy making it quite difficult to control. If I had more time it may have been a different story but as I was in a rush to go out I just did this as quickly as I could.
Fuse Genamel | Boots £19.99
I feel as though the main problem with this product is that it claims to be quick and therefore I decided to test the product when I was I was in a rush. However in reality you have to take time and effort when applying this product but with the advantage of it being very difficult to smudge or chip.

Honestly, I wouldn't discourage anyone from using this product as it does have some advantages. It's cute appearance and packaging as well as the novelty factor of it would make a great gift to someone with young daughters as it would make a great mother -  daughter bonding session or a nice addition to a girly sleepover. Also if more time and care is taken then the outcome of the results may vary. I wanted to review this product based on my own personality and way of getting ready as I feel this gives a more accurate representation of a product.

Let me know what you think of the product. Would you still buy it? Have you tried it and had different results or did you have the same problems as me? Let me know I'd really appreciate any feedback on the product.


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  1. I haven't tried this. I don't think I can spend so much time on my nails.
    I love the Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish though. Gives a gel effect without the need for UV!