Hellooo Everyone!
So today's blog post is a bit different for me because I was actually approached by a company to write this post! Now its exciting enough for any new blogger when they receive comments on their posts or receive more followers but it's different kind of excitement when you start receiving emails from companies telling you that they enjoyed reading your blog and want to work with you! So a representative from Casper emailed me asking whether I would be interested in writing a post on 'What I wear to bed' and at first I was dubious as to whether I should accept. Although I have accepted PR gifts in return for review previously (which you can see here and here), my blog generally is just for my personal enjoyment and a way to express my own beliefs. However this particular request had left me thinking, what do I wear to bed?
Honestly, I have never really given it much thought. My Bed and I share a very close and intimate companionship. When I went off to university we spent many many hours together and often there were many mornings I would awake in the clothes I had worn the day/night before - shameful, but true. I do have a few pyjama top and bottom combos from Primark and my all time favourite thing to wear to bed is a large oversize Drake t-shirt that I occasionally pair with shorts if and when I can be bothered. After graduating and returning home my bed and I became almost inseparable. However this resulted in a further neglect of my nightly appearance as I took our relationship for advantage. But now that many of my hours have been stripped from me as I have entered cold harsh reality of a concept called work it's time for me to start making an effort to make the small moments we still share together as special as possible. Although I will still resort back to my beloved Drake T-shirt often here are a few other pyjamas that caught my eye.

Asos £89
 SO I Literally fell in love with this hoodie top until I saw the price. As adorable as it is I don't think I'm that much of a baller to be spending 90 odd quid on some pyjamas (but that is the goal). If anyone has seen something similar for a quarter of the price tag you must let me know!

Asos £21 each

One of the more affordable night wear on asos I just love oversize tops as pyjamas as they are so comfortable and freeing. Also just another note, I never wear a bra to bed and if you do then you should stop immediately! One, I don't understand why anyone would, they are so uncomfortable and secondly it's just not good for you! People claim that if they wear one to bed it will stop sagging but I definitely do not have that problem and I'd rather have a good nights sleep tbh.

F&F - £14
I think I am just going to have to buy this. It looks suuuuper cosy and cute I mean come on how can I not?!

I have to say I have really enjoyed writing this post and it was nice to do something that I may have no previously thought of doing. However I was happy to do it as I was able to write the post in a way that I enjoy and still express my personal thoughts. I also will be redecorating my room shortly and getting a new bed so may consider a Casper mattress as they claim to be "obsessively engineered mattress at a shockingly fair price"


Just to clarify that although I was given the title 'What to wear to bed' by Casper, all thoughts feelings and ideas were purely my own. This post is not sponsored and I will receive no money for any purchases made as a result of this blog post.


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Now that I am settled into my job I feel super productive at the weekends, hence it's already time for another blog post! How exciting! This is probably going to be one of my personal favourite blog posts as I get to share (thereby making it more acceptable) all the make up I've purchased this week. Normal people would wait until they've been paid at least once after starting a new job, but not me. I've managed to spend over £100 on make up this week just because I like to make myself feel special :)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit | Cult Beauty | £39.99
Unless you've been in hibernation for most of your beauty life you'll know the excitement I felt when this amazing purchase was delivered. I've wanted this for over a year but just never had the money to buy it. I still don't have the money to buy it but I couldn't resist any longer and HAD to purchase it. I've already given it a light trial which you can see at the bottom of this post in a lovely selfie! I got this palette in Medium. I'm already in love!

Beauty Blender | Cult Beauty | £16
I already have the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge that I have used and loved for a while and didn't realise until recently that it wasn't the same thing as a beauty blender. So I've taken the plunge and splurged out on this apparently unbeatable sponge to see if it truly works.

Solid & Liquid Beauty blender Cleanser | Cult Beauty | Free Gift
One thing that was very beneficial about buying my beauty blender from Cult Beauty was the fact that it came with both a solid and liquid beauty blender cleanser. If anyone saw the current state of my Real Techniques sponge they would be having kittens as it is literally disgusting. I definitely will be giving all my brushes a good clean tonight!

Dr. Dennis Gross SkinCare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel & Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser Cult Beauty | Free Sample
Again Cult Beauty is a pleasure to buy from as they also give you two free samples with your order. I chose these to products because I enjoy face peels ( it reminds me a bit of peeling off PVC glue at school) and also the coriander seed sounded interesting. On a side note I would like to say that I really recommend anyone in the UK to use Cult Beauty if they want some of these big names brands as the shipping was free (on orders over £55) and also came literally within two days.

Mac Lip Pencil in Stripdown | House of Fraser | £12.50
Since I discovered Mac Lip Liners nothing else really compares. They last so long and have a nice matte finish which makes lipstick stick to them a lot more. Strip down is a very nude colour that I found works so well with my skin tone and gives the desired look I cringingly tried to achieve when I was 14 with 'foundation lips' eeek!

Mac Satin Lipstick in Faux | House of Fraser | £15.50
Everybody has their go to lipstick and for a few years now this has been mine. If I had to wear one lip product for the rest of my life it would have to be this. It's a pinky nude that works so well with my complexion and just feels so nice to apply! Mac lipsticks are the best lipsticks I've ever tried.

Mac Lustre Lipstick in Viva Glam V | House of Fraser | £15.50
So the Viva Glam range are very popular and therefore I decided why not purchase one myself. I have tried Viva Glam II which I loved but decided to go for number 5 as it was shimmery which is something different from my current lip collection. I'd the colour is slightly more pinky than Viva Glam II which suits my complexion more but still more nude than Faux which gives it a slight difference (making it more justifiable!)

No7 Highlight and Contour Brush | Boots | £14
So I'm in desperate need of make up brushes. It's the one thing that is severely lacking in my makeup collection and needs to be changed. I want to invest in a good set of brushes but have no idea which ones to get or how to go about getting it. But one thing I really needed was a good brush to apply my sheer cover make up which is a loose foundation. I therefore invested in this two in one brush as Boots were having a 'Buy one get one half price deal' on all No7 products.

No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in Dark | Boots | £11.50
I previously had a pressed powder which I loved and lost on a night out in Brighton. Some lucky girl in Shoosh now has a very good powder! I love this for setting my make up and leaving a matte finish. Although the colour is in 'Dark' its actually quite a translucent powder and can be used on medium skin tones.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline in Extra Black | Boots | £9.99
So I've raved on about how much I love Volume Million Lashes mascara previously, and as my mascara was running out I thought it was a good opportunity when I was out to buy some more. I was very confused when I got to the L'oreal section to see three variations now of this mascara. The usual one which I normally get, with the addition of "Couture" and "Feline" as other variations. Feline was the newest version of this mascara the difference being the shape of the brush. The picture apologetically isn't very clear so you may not be able to see but it is thinner with an arch. I've decided to be adventurous and see how this compares to the original so will probably comment on that soon.

Selfie of me creating a naturalish look with the ABH contour kit
Doesn't really show of the contour but just liked the picture :)
As you can see I've had a pretty successful week yet I am no where near reaching my goal of the perfect make up set. I really need to get some makeup brushes as mentioned as well as Ben Nye Banana Powder in the UK. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comments!



Hey Guys!

Cheers to the frickin' weekend! This is the first time in a very long time that the weekend has meant anything to me. Now that I am in full time employment it feels like heaven to have days when I can wake up after 7am! So today I have another exciting product for my lovely readers. Aren't you lucky? ;). This time I've been asked to review a nail product called Fuse Gelnamel.

Now I'm completely torn as to how I feel about this product as in some ways it is absolutely fantastic, and in others not so much. So without further a do letstalknails...

At First Glance...
Fuse Genamel | Boots £19.99

You get a LED Lamp (that claims it adjusts for toes, although I haven't tried this yet), a very pretty polish , the power cord you use to plug it in, a mini double sided nail buffer, a little wooden manicure stick for  cuticles, a few thin "lint free" wipes, and a small bottle of cleanser.
I liked the fact that the set was quite cute and miniature and thought it would be cute to give to younger girls as a present. I thought the LED lamp may be battery operated due to the size which would be very convenient but unfortunately it wasn't which was slightly disappointing.

lint free wipes | double sided nail buffer | manicure stick | fuse LED lamp|
power cord and plug | gelnamel polish | cleaner

What the Product Claims...

The product is meant to be the at home solution for Gel nails, and better yet, a simple all in one solution. This means that no base or top coat are required as it is all in one which makes the product much more efficient. The main selling points of this product are

- "all in one formula"
- "one coat coverage"
- "30 - second flash dry"
- "anti- chip technology"
- "megawatt shine that lasts"

Now I can say that the product does do exactly what it claims. The only thing questionable was the 'one coat coverage'. I found that I needed two coats, but I admittedly have weird nails. By this I mean that I have tiny nail beds, meaning I have to grow my nails particularly long to have decent length nails, and therefore have a lot of  the "white bit" compared to others. 

Other than that it did exactly what it stated. It really did take 30 seconds to dry and was virtually impossible to chip. I even got something sharp and scratched the surface and it didn't chip which had me feeling impressed. The polish was also very shiny and I had high hopes for the product.

The Problem...

A non chip fast drying nail polish you say? what on earth could be the problem? Uunfortunately there were a number of things about the product that let me down. First of all, although the polish takes 30 seconds to dry you have to do one nail at a time which as you can imagine isn't the fastest of processes. However I happily admit that I'd rather that, then wait 20-30mins for all my nails to dry like I normally have to do. Well normally should do but never do and therefore always have chipped/smudged nails.

The big major problem was that although that it didn't chip, the nails only lasted one day. This was because the colour literally fell off. You may be a bit confused  here, and trust me so was I to wake up with only 2 nails still painted and a bed filled with little films of colour. It was as though that I had stuck on the colour to my nails and it had just popped off. Now I don't want to blame the product completely for this. I didn't really prep the nail to the extent it suggested and I did have two coats on when it specified "apply one thin coat to that nail". The consistency of the polish was quite gloopy making it quite difficult to control. If I had more time it may have been a different story but as I was in a rush to go out I just did this as quickly as I could.
Fuse Genamel | Boots £19.99
I feel as though the main problem with this product is that it claims to be quick and therefore I decided to test the product when I was I was in a rush. However in reality you have to take time and effort when applying this product but with the advantage of it being very difficult to smudge or chip.

Honestly, I wouldn't discourage anyone from using this product as it does have some advantages. It's cute appearance and packaging as well as the novelty factor of it would make a great gift to someone with young daughters as it would make a great mother -  daughter bonding session or a nice addition to a girly sleepover. Also if more time and care is taken then the outcome of the results may vary. I wanted to review this product based on my own personality and way of getting ready as I feel this gives a more accurate representation of a product.

Let me know what you think of the product. Would you still buy it? Have you tried it and had different results or did you have the same problems as me? Let me know I'd really appreciate any feedback on the product.



Hey Guys,

So life has been so hectic atm so I thought I'd do a short blog post explaining my current happenings. So firstly you may or may not have seen from a previous post that I graduated recently which meant time to enter the real world. Of course I was in denial for a good few weeks before I managed to get my shit together and started applying for jobs. Well today was my first day at a new professional job! I am extremely lucky to have been given such a fantastic opportunity to work for a excellent company in the west end of London in the industry that I want. I'm so excited to fully get stuck into work but also I am finding it incredibly exhausting so therefore blogging is going to have to go on hold for a bit... Sorry!

Talking about blogging I also want to say a massive thank you to all my readers. I've recently had an influx of comments that I will definitely reciprocate before next Monday (bear with me a bit) and also I reached 100 likes on my Facebook page! I really would like to thank everyone so much and I will be returning Facebook likes to all those who have liked and given their page urls (again give me a week). I really do appreciate every single reader who takes the time out to listen to my babble. 

And before I finish I want to give a special thanks to http://kiralcurtis.blogspot.co.uk/ who  has sweetly nominated me for the versatile blogger award. A few months back I was nominated for the award so didn't want to do another post but I couldn't just ignore this wonderful sentiment by Kira, especially since she took the time to also write some kind words describing my blog. Greatly appreciated!!

So guys I solemnly promise to reciprocate comments and likes soon and also have two excited blog posts to write but at the moment I am so tired I couldn't even muster the energy to turn the laptop on so this is written from my phone. Therefore sorry for the bad formatting I'll also update this when I'm more awake. 

With Love Amrit x
New Look Shoes |Urban Decay All Nighter | Bare Minerals Prime Time | Sheer Cover Conceal and Bright Trio | OPI Nail Laquer in Sweet Heart | Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo and Conditioner | Pandora Moments Single Woven Leather Bracelet |
Hey Guys

So I know I said the next post would be pictures of the wedding but I thought that it would be nice to do something different before then. Now that I have come to my 5th Month of blogging I thought I'd do something that I've seen alot of bloggers do, which is a monthly favourites post!

Ok so the headphones are there to signify the fact that I love music and every month I have a new favourite. August had me loving two songs both are from artists that I have a strong loving for. The first song is Hotline Bling - Drake. I've not actually seen that many people talk about this song but my brother showed me it quite early on in the month and since then I have not stopped playing it. That may or may not be due to the fact that I have an unhealthy obsession with Drake though...

The second song was released right at the end of the month and it is no other than Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean. Now, I know the music video is extremely cheesy, and seriously Justin what are you doing with your hair?! But the tune is sooo catchy and also I have got to admire the lead up and promotions team for this track!

Pandora Moments Single Woven Leather Bracelet - I actually received this as a 21st Birthday gift from two of my cousins and I adore it! It took me a while to start wearing it properly as while I was at university I avoided jewellery as it always got lost or went missing. However I put this on rather recently and it has become a staple part of my wardrobe. This is due to the fact that it is so lightweight and I forget its there, but it adds elegance to any simple outfit and goes with everything!

Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo and Conditioner - As you may have noticed in some of my most recent posts, I have mentioned that I have been using this duo. For almost a year I had been using L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening products but it isn't good for your hair to continuously use the same products so I switched to Aussie products after trying them on holiday. The reason I love this shampoo so much is that it is very light which is good for someone like me who's hair can get greasy fairly quickly. Also it smells define and leaves my hair feeling silky soft!


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - Now I have not mentioned this product but it is one of my all time favourite beauty products. I cannot rave on about this enough. So you may be wondering why I haven't really mentioned it before and why it is now only just appearing on my August favourites. What happened was in around March time I lost the bottle! It was such a sad time for me as I didn't even have the money to go out and replace it. However I then found it again in July and have been using it ever since! It is the one thing that makes my makeup stay on literally all night! 

Bare Minerals Prime Time - Normally I use the benefit porefessional primer as a base but when I went to use my Sheer Cover foundation I realised that it was in powder form and felt as though the porefessional primer may be too dry to work well. So I decided to take the opportunity to try my mums Prime Time and I think I may just have to buy my own. The consistency is very silky and a little bit goes a long way.

Sheer Cover Conceal and Bright Trio - I think you guys must be sick to death with the amount I've spoken about this product so I won't go on. All I will say is that if I could only recommend one of their products, this would be the one, as just a tiny bit of concealer gives such a good coverage. If you haven't read the original post you can find it here.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Sweet Heart - Although it is painful to spend £11.50 on one nail varnish, I have to say it is worth it. The quality of these nail varnishes are superb and I especially love this colour. It is the perfect neutral yet girly colour as we approach the end of spring. It is also elegant and classy, and it was the colour I wore to my job interview!


New Look Court Heels - So I invested in these shoes to wear to a job interview although I ended  up being to stressed to wear heels and ended up in flats. I have loved wearing these shoes as often as I can though as they are super comfy and I can last a bit longer than usual in them. Plus they are the perfect mix of smart and casual making them suitable for literally any event!

I'd love to hear what your August Favourites were! Let me know in the comments and/or send me a link to your August Favourites post if you have one!


Hey Guys,

How was everyone's bank holiday weekend? I had my cousins wedding which I have to say was one of the best wedding's I have ever been to! BUT I'll save that for my next post. This post is actually a week behind but I have been too busy to write a blog post! So last Sunday was my cousins pre wedding party which means part two of my new segment called 'Asian Amrit'. Still not sure if I like that name though so let me know if you can think of anything else better in the comment section!

 MAKE UP:  Face Base: Prime time by Bare Minerals; Foundation: Sheer Cover Concealer: Sheer Cover Contour: Hula by Benefit Brows Brow Archery by Soap & Glory to line and Browzings by Benefit to fill using Chelsea Boutique Brush Eyes Prime: Urban Decay Primer Potion Lids: Sleek Palette in Storm; Lids Liner: Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner; Waterline: Rimmel Soft Kohl; Lashes:  L'Oreal Million Volume Mascara Lips MAC Relentlessly Red Finish Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

HAIR: I washed my hair using Aussie Beach Mate Shampoo and Conditioner. I then blow-dried my hair using Pro Speed 2100 Salon AC Hair Dryer and curled using BaByliss Curling Wand Pro 2285CU

Shoes - Primark
 The venue was also beautifully decorated, all to the taste of the bride and groom.

Stage, Dance Floor and Head Table

The beautiful Bride and Groom to be..

And here are some family photos as well :)

after all the dancing the tikka (headpiece) just had to come off!

 I hope you enjoy these photos and I am very excited for my next post which will be of the wedding day! Make sure you come back to have a look!