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As an avid internet user/ stalker I end up on a lot of random different pages about a lot of random different things. For example I can spend hours on Instagram going from one page to another, starting of looking at a best friends picture and ending up stalking some random person from a different country that has no connection to me whatsoever!
(note when I say stalking I just mean looking through all their posts - nothing criminal or creepy promise!).

Likewise the other day I was trying to get some blogspiration and found myself on a random blog post without a clue on how I actually got there. This blog post (which you can view here ) was named by choosing a random song on iTunes, which made me wonder what my blog post would be named if I did the same thing. The song that came on was 'Next Episode - Dr Dre' which I thought was so relevant to my life right now that I simply had to write a blog post about it, like, it's literally fate.

The reason I say this is that less than a week ago I submitted my last ever university assignment and therefore this signified a end of an era with me, the end of my education. After being in education for around 18 years of my life I'd finally hit the milestone where I was no longer a student, and trust me, it's pretty terrifying.

But it is also very exciting and liberating,
As the title aptly indicates, it's time for me to start the next episode of my life. The world is my oyster - gotta love a good cliché - and I plan to seize every moment I can. Looking back at the dark days of my adolescence and how much I've grown and achieved since then gives me the motivation to continue to embrace how precious life is also push myself further. I've also got a small list of a few more milestones I aim to complete before the end of summer including;

1.) My first ever holiday abroad without at least one of my parents
 Sharm el-Sheikh here I come! 
2.) My first ever YouTube video 
something I've always wanted to do but I have social anxiety so no promises there!
3.) Finding a proper grown up job 
4.) Getting another tattoo
5.) Child à Adult room transformation.
Now that I am moving back home from uni I am planning to have a mass clear out of all the things that I have hoarded over the years and redesign both my room and wardrobe and say goodbye to my childhood. Going to be a big project and I am so excited!

This blog itself has been the start of a new adventure. I only started last month but the response I've had from my friends and family has been incredible and it's so heart-warming when people discuss my posts with me and give me feedback as it shows that they've taken the time to read what I have said and I truly appreciate anyone who bothers to read these posts.

Anyway, enough with the mushiness! I'll probably be blogging all of the above adventures anyway so please subscribe to my blog  to keep up to date with all the shenanigans I get up to in life and share it where you can please!


 It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure -  Ernie Harwell
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  1. Great post dear!

  2. I'm glad your loving blogging :) I love the idea of viewing the end of uni as the closing of one chapter and starting a new one. That song is so symbolic it is unreal, haha! Awesome!