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Redwood Cafe, Brighton
So the other day I went to this cute little coffee shop that  happens to be next door to Breeze called Redwood Cafe. I had been before to get a take away coffee, but this was my first time to sit inside, as I was meeting up with my two closest friend's in Brighton, Jai and Shelina.

As I said, I'd been before and got a takeaway drink. This was a Chai Latte, which was so delicious and homely; rich in flavour that wasn't too over powering and the best Chai latte I've ever had. However this time I decided to have a normal latte so I could assess how good this place actually was. Just whilst stirring the sugar into my coffee I could feel how rich and creamy this latte was and it did not disappoint! The coffee was very smooth and scrumptious; definitely much better than any chain coffee shops out there!

 I also realised I hadn't eaten all day so selected a stuffed croissant which happened to be delicious. Like, I don't know if I was just super hungry but I literately sighed with happiness at the first bite. I hadn't paid much attention to what the croissant was stuffed with when I purchased it, but it happened to be cheddar, sun-dried tomatoes and basil with a subtle seasoning of pesto, salt and pepper. The impeccably balanced savoury flavours were the perfect accompaniment to the sweet milky latte.

In addition the place itself is cute and kooky with random little bits around the shop. Its quite small but has many comfortable sofas and a really homely feel. I particularly enjoyed the fact it had a little reading corner although I didn't get a chance to check out the books.
Fun Fact about me: I learnt how to play the violin when I was in primary school and continued it until I started learning my GCSE's and reached level four! I wish I had continued to play as I've probably lost most of the skill now :(

This definitely a nice place to go if you want a nice, cosy, relaxed coffee with your friends. If you want a quick coffee to grab and go you may be better off at somewhere like Costa as the service is slow as each coffee is freshly made with only two staff members working at the most. 


Coffee is a a language  in itself - Jackie Chan
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  1. Oh that coffee looks lush! I love going out for coffee x

    Jess x