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So I saw this picture and sadly, it sums up my life perfectly :/ I could just sit and cry about my life but decided to make a blog post out of it instead!

 When you spend as much time as I do on Netflix you come across a vast number of different TV programmes. Obviously I've watched the usual Breaking Bad, Dexter, Orange is the New Black (can't wait for the new season eek!) and many many more, however I thought it would be nice to mention some of the less common TV programmes that I have come across.

1. Black Mirror
So I'm hearing about more and more people who watch this series but on the whole it is extremely underrated. It is a quite a small series consisting of only two seasons on Netflix and there is also a Christmas episode that I came across on Channel 4 which was also very good.

Each episode is a dark, technological alter reality, sometimes satirical and leaves you feeling on edge and mind-fxcked! Definitely would recommend it if you like quite deep programmes that make you think!

2.) The Killing
I am only two seasons into this program but I am already hooked! Its a bit similar to Luther in the sense its following  a detective solving crimes however instead of a black British man, she is a white American red headed woman so just a lil bit different. With this program I find the actual cases are very interesting rather than the life of the detective. I was apprehensive to watch it as it didn't look particularly captivating on Netflix but definitely did not regret giving it a go!

3.) Him and Her
Ok so this is for those who like a bit more light hearted viewing and literally just follows the lives of a lazy couple and their friends in the small dingy flat. Tbh its a bit of a pointless programme but sometimes its nice to watch something a bit brain numbing and as I am lazy I felt like I could I.D with them :') I don't really know anyone else who has watched it but I enjoyed watching it!

4.) Fresh Meat
I am not really sure how popular this is as I have seen it on TV as well but I definitely think its underrated. It is a British comedy following the lives of university students and stars Jack Whitehall and Simon from The Inbetweeners (Joe Thomas) and probably somebody else famous that I can't remember. Although I am not a big fan of this sort of comedy I found this show particularly funny, maybe because I could relate as an University Student. - Ok so a quick de-tour. Is it a university or an university? I always thought you used an before a vowel sound but it seems to sound so weird before the word university? Someone let me know please -  
 But anyway, yeah fresh meat is good so give it a go!

5.) Kids Programmes
Ok this is maybe something I shouldn't confess but I love kids shows. Until this year I used to watch Disney Channel regularly at home and on Netflix have watched the entire series of Horrid Henry and watched a few episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dexters laboratory (which may I add, think is what inspired Dexter, ginger genius, sister called Dee Dee/ Deborah, the parallels are endless!).
Hey, here me out before you judge me! Kids shows are sooo light hearted and can be quite funny, creating a a nice escape from reality. There is no romance to remind you how lonely it is to be single and no morbidity to make you feel sad and I feel that a lot of people are missing out by not watching them. So next time you feel a bit sad or nostalgic go pop on a children's programme and it is guaranteed to cheer you up!

" I just watch one episode, epison, epason, eason, season"
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  1. I reeeeeally wanted to watch black mirror when it was on TV however, sadly, I kept missing it! I'll have to start now I know it's on Netflix :) Thanks!
    p.s I totally love Sponge Bob too
    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  2. yeah its definitely worth watching! Try find the Christmas version online as well as it's really good :)