100 ways to procrastinate


As a champion procrastinator I thought I would share 100 things I do/have done.

procrastination at it's best

1.             Read this blog (thanks guys )
2.             Read any blog (preferably this blog)
3.             Start writing a blog/ or write a blog post
4.             Actually check your email ( I always  have like 200+ unread messages)
5.             Browse Facebook
6.             Browse Instagram
7.             Browse Pinterest
8.             Browse Twitter
9.             Browse YouTube
10.         Stalk celebs on social media
11.         Stalk your crush
12.         Stalk your ex
13.         Stalk your ex’s new girlfriend/boyfriend
14.         Stalk your old friends that you haven’t spoken to in years
15.         Stalk yourself
16.         Calculate how much money you actually have
17.         Cry about being broke
18.         Call a friend
19.         Clean the bathroom
20.         Clean the kitchen
21.         Download songs
22.         Draw cartoons on Snapchat
23.         Dye your hair
24.         Get a takeaway
25.         Get drunk (that’s deffo my thing)
26.         Get high (if that’s your thing)
27.         Go on tinder
28.         Go to a  shisha bar
29.         Smoke shisha at home
30.         Go to the beach (if you are lucky and live near one like me)
31.         Go to the cinema
32.         Go to the gym (this rarely happens)
33.         Google/ Urban Dictionary you and your friends names
34.         Help someone else do their work
35.         Learn all 50 states
36.         Learn the lyrics of your favourite song
37.         Learn the lyrics to a rap song (the motto drake, lose yourself eminem)
38.         Learn the lyrics to a song from a movie
39.         Look at boxes that you wanna buy that you never get round to buying (GlossyBox,                         GrazeBox etc)
40.         Look at different recipes
41.         Look at makeup you want to buy
42.         Look at old pictures on your phone/laptop
43.         Look at restaurants you may want to visit
44.         Look at work out videos
45.         Look at your old piczo/bebo/ first facebook posts and cringeee
46.         Look for songs to download
47.         Make a list of everything you want to do
48.         Make a list of people you’d invite to a party
49.         Make a sick playlist
50.         Eat
51.         Make doppelgängers of you and your family/friends on the Sims
52.         Google places of the world you want to visit 
53.         Make some coffee
54.         Make some tea
55.         Make yourself on that My Idol Chinese app
56.         Online clothes shop
57.         Online food shop
58.         Paint your nails
59.         Play the random dinosaur game when Google crashes

60.         Play an escape game
61.         Play Bloons Tower Defence / Bloons TD Battles/ Bloons Monkey City
62.         Play candy crush saga/soda
63.         Play map games to improve your geography (sad, but true)
64.         Play Plants vs Zombies
65.         Play scrabble online
66.         Play spider solitaire
67.         Play the guess the song game ( me and my brother made this up, go through iTunes                    and play the first second or so of a song and the other person has to guess the song)
68.         Play the Sims (I play Sims 3)
69.         Play with a pet (when I am home)
70.         Pluck your eyebrows
71.         Pour a glass of wine (one of my favourite things to do)
72.         Practice drawing
73.         Practice your handwriting (It was one time!)
74.         Read a book
75.         Check the spotted page of your university and hope to see someone you know and                     pray its not you
76.         Download DubSmash and record lots of videos
77.         Take a selfie
78.         Search your house on Google maps
79.         Take a bath
80.         Take a nap
81.         Or just sleep     
82.         Take pictures/videos showing people how cute your pet is
83.         Think of ways to make your room look nicer
84.         Tidy your room
85.         Tweet about procrastination
86.         Twitter rant
87.         Watch a DVD
88.         Watch a YouTube video on how to twerk
89.         Watch challenge videos (cinnamon challenge, chilli challenge, chubby bunny etc.)
90.         Watch everyone’s Snapchat stories all the way through 
91.         Watch hair tutorials
92.         Watch loads of vines
93.         Watch lots of videos from the same YouTuber (iisuperwomanii, jusreign, ksi, zoella,                      etc)
94.         Watch make  up tutorials
95.         Watch tutorials on how to do accents (and I still suck)
96.         Watch Netflix (probably a whole season of a TV show)
97.         Watch TV in general
98.         YouTube people doing accents
99.         YouTube people doing impressions
100.      Make a list of 100 ways to procrastinate (should be doing an assignment right now)

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  1. noooo, i need 100 ways not to procrastinate haha :D really cool post though ;) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Oh no! I didn't need more ways :P
    I get so obsessed when I start playing escape games!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel