Pretentious Procrastination

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The title of this first blog post is pretty self explanatory. Every word I type, in my opinion, oozes pretentious. I don't know why but I feel as though writing a blog is not possible without it seeming pretentious, even though in reality I am nothing of the sort, the irony!
random selfie of me because I love selfies. I mean why spend time looking nice if  no one can appreciate it?

ANYWAY, after spending 3 hours of not doing the assignment that I could and should have finished yesterday (had I not been the sort of person that I am) and instead browsing through different blogs, I have decided to create my own. Mostly because I feel my opinions are far more superior than the rest of other bloggers (just kidding), and secondly because I'm bored of seeing the same type of blogs. The ones that are written in that style, you know, the type where you aspire to be that type of person who certain clothes, drinks smoothies with bananas and kale and spinach (who puts vegetables in a smoothie, like seriously?) and these graze boxes that seem so amazing. I'm sorry but I fail to see how seeds can ever be satisfying. I will at some point try one for the purpose of this blog, I mean that's what bloggers are supposed to do right?

But mostly I am not that sort of person, I am that girl who sits in bed most of the day, eating a packet of chilli heatwave doritos as a breakfast and lunch substitute and has a cheeky sip of pinot that happens to be next to my bed whilst doing anything but the assignment due tomorrow (true story). 

That isn't to say I am completely useless, I do enjoy somethings that people may be interested in and will be discussing them in the standard blogger way. I am a conformist and I accept that. I will replace procrastonaps with procrastoblogs  in the attempt to become famous just for being amazing. Mostly likely scenario is no one will see this apart from those close friends who read your shit to laugh at you and remind you at every given moment.  I seem to have the most unsupportive friends when it comes to things like this. There wont be any amazing photography of me walking across brighton seafront looking all arty because my friends would either refuse to come to the beach with me or if they did they would be eating or getting drunk whilst simultaneously laughing at me.

But yeah a few topics that I plan to write about are "The Meaning Behind The Name", "Cocowhite" and "Why Summer Is life " (probably maybe will come up with better titles)

UPDATE (16/08/2015): I love how in reality I didn't write about any of the above titles, and did conform to the standard blogger tone, it's contagious!! It just shows you things don't always turn out who you expect :)


“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.” ― Pat ConroyMy Reading Life
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  1. ahah this post made me laugh quite a lot ;)