Breezy Brunch

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There are two types of students in the world, the ones that live on baked beans and the ones who love to cook and/or go out to restaurants, I am definitely the latter. It therefore seems fitting that due to my unadulterated love for food that my first review would be based upon food!
all photos taken on iPhone 5

Having live in Brighton for three years i have come across numerous eatery's, some merely to try and some that I frequently revisit. Upon moving into his new house near the Brighton Station, my friend Jai mentioned a restaurant named Breeze Brasserie he had passed that although didn't look anything amazing on the outside, had a very buzzing atmosphere inside and therefore we decided to visit it. It has now become one of our go to restaurants whenever we feel we'd like a reasonably priced meal and casual meal out and here is why.

Situated in the Brighton North Laines, Breeze Brasserie is less than a 5 minutes walk from Brighton Station and surrounded by a number of cute coffee shops, boutiques and unique stores that embodies the diversity of Brighton. On a quiet day its easily dismissible due to its cute, rustic yet 'nothing special' appearance. However upon entering you are greeted by a vibrant cocktail bar, and some very friendly staff. The decor inside is very chic with evidence of the european influence present also within its menu. Below are a few photos of some of the pieces within the restaurant to give it an authentic feel.

We were taken to a table of our choosing by the waiter who was very polite and friendly as they always are and presented us with three menus. My eyes immediately darted to the cocktail menu - as they always seem to do - and I remembered the 241 sign I had spotted on our way in. Most students would know that on a hungover lunch time Friday having cocktails is probably not the best idea when exams start in 3 days but we are not normal students, we are reckless students, we did tried the Bombay Breeze and let me tell you it was worth the slightly nauseous feeling it left me with as my body was rejecting anymore alcohol than I'd already consumed the previous night.

Bombay Breeze £7.50 (each, £3.75 during happy hour)Bombay sapphire gin, strawberry puree, lime and lemonade
Yum! I also had a orange and lemonade mix soft drink which I think more restaurants should offer! Suitably hydrated, I then moved my eyes over to the lunch time menu. Although I was somewhat a regular at breeze, the only main dish I'd tried was the 'Linguine Prawns'. This is something very unusual of me as I like to order something new every time I go somewhere as I truly believe variety is the spice of life (oh god, a cliche, I really am a blogger!) But the dish is so beautiful I cannot stop myself from ordering it again and again. On this occasion however I thought it would be apt to try something from the lunch time menu to see if the quality of food was consistent. My companion Jai is a creature of habit and order one his signature orders off the main menu.

Fish and Chips £7.95
served with seasoned peas and tarter sauce

I chose the fish and chips to fit the Friday British stereotype. The fish and chips arrived in a wooden dish accompanied with peas and tarter sauce as promised. The fish did not disappoint; crisp batter followed by very soft flakey pieces of cod entered my mouth, perfectly accompanied by a tangy tarter sauce. I was apprehensive about the chips as restaurant chips differ from 'chippy' chips which I always think are the best kind. However they were perfectly salted to my taste, as I am not a huge fan of salt and nice and soft making a very good substitute. The peas were also nicely seasoned. My only critique would be that there should always be the choice of mushy peas!

Wild Mushroom Risotto £10.50
wild mushrooms with fresh herbs, broad beans, mascarpone, parmesan, topped with salsa verde
Jai ordered the mushroom risotto, one of his favourite dishes. I have never really seen the appeal of risotto and is a dish I never really order. However after a taste of this dish I may be converted! I was completely amazed by the flavours that danced across my palette after a taste of this.  It seemed to have a light yet ample flavouring of parsley and butter with a number of other herbs that made this dish a close second to my favourite linguine prawns! All there left to try now is the dessert menu!

I'd 100% recommend this place to anyone who likes good food, excellent service and a nice atmosphere without breaking the bank! Some other dishes I'd recommend are the bruschetta and duck liver pate starters both which have been trialled and tested by moi. Add a few of their snazzy cocktails or a bottle of merlot and you have the perfect dining experience!

" Fish are friends, not food."  - Finding Nemo

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