The Perfect Autumn Nude

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Mac Satin Lipstick "Mocha" | Mac Lip Pencil  "Spice" 

H A P P Y | S U N D A Y 

Before I dive right into the good stuff I need to take a moment to explain myself to anyone thinking "where on Earth have you been?!". Yes, I admit, I have been the worlds most awful blogger, and the truth is that I just didn't have the time. Working full time and the socialising that goes with it took up so much of my time and have also been on a weight loss journey (which you will be hearing about in future blog posts) and therefore blogging just wasn't on the agenda. However during this month of October where I have decided to take part in GoSober for Macmillan Cancer Support I am taking the hangover free opportunity to re-vamp my blog and get the creative juices flowing. No better subject to get me talking that a discussion on one my greatest loves - makeup!

Now, I know that usually Autumn is the time for us to ditch those summary pastel pinks or bright corals and to dig out those deep purple and red shades (I'm sure everyone has that staple Rimmel 107 in their collection) but that doesn't mean that we cannot revert back to the safe and much so loved nude lip once in a while. In fact, being a big fan of the cat eye I often find myself stripping back on the lips not to dazzle everyone on my Monday morning commute.

"Faux" by Mac has been my go to shade for many years (as I am sure I would have mentioned before) but recently I've splurged out on a few more makeup products, with lip products being the main focus. During this exploration of new and wonderful makeup products I have stumbled upon a new combination that I absolutely adore.

So maybe I haven't completely diversified as much as I'd made out having already been a huge fan of Mac lip products. I know Mac can be hit and miss, but for me its a brand that will always be staple to my makeup collection. Their lip products in particular I find have a have a good combination of being pigmented and long lasting without drying out my lips.

Mocha" is from their Satin range as is "Faux" which is probably another reason why I have ended up loving this lipstick. The creamy texture glides on so smoothly and leaves my lips looking and feeling luscious. I find the "Spice" lipliner really compliments this shade well and both together are great for my skin tone, being slightly darker and therefore making my lips pop. I've had a lot of compliments whilst wearing this duo as well and feel I can slightly over line my lips to get that great pout in a  more natural way.

Just another side note is that I love the names of "Mocha" and "Spice" both of which remind me of Autumn and who doesn't love a bit of contextual relevance!

All in all I would definitely recommend this combo for a more deeper nude this Autumn, especially if you are feeling to go bold with the eyes.

with Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in "Half Naked" for extra plumpness

Yes I am a huge fan of a snapchat selfie #sorrynotsorry

Would love to hear about your opinions on Mac lip products or your thoughts on this duo! Maybe you have a Autumnal beauty product that you love as well! If so leave a comment below or a link to your blog post :)


"The most versatile lipstick you can own is a shade that's just a bit brighter than your natural lip color Bobbi Brown"
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