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Are you constantly looking for ways to hide dark circles, scars, markings or pigmentation? Or are you just looking for a natural airbrushed looking skin? Maybe you want fuller, longer looking eyelashes without the weight and irritation of false eyelashes. If any of this appeals to you must read this post!
A few months ago I was watching TV when randomly a 15 minute advert appeared. Has this happened to anyone else? I mean 15 minutes is a long time... Well what was being advertised was a mineral based make-up product that claimed to be excellent at covering up dark circles and pigmentation due to light reflecting technology. I don't remember much else about it other than the fact that Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls was in the advert and that I thought her skin looked amazing.

I had totally forgotten all about it until a few days ago when I was asked if I was interested in doing a review on some Sheer Cover make-up and if interested would be sent some samples. Once I realised it was the same product that I had seen advertised I happily accepted and was more than eager to try the product for myself. I was sent three items - a foundation, a concealer, and some lash extending fibres.

At a glance...

The packaging is plain white with classic grey writing. I quite like the simplicity of it as I always feel a company must have confidence in their product if they are simple with their packaging. Not everyone may find this appealing though as my mum commented on how she would have preferred if it was "pretty". But each to their own I suppose.

Using the product
Now, I don't mean to boast but I happen to have very good skin and therefore thought I wouldn't be the best person to test the true effectiveness of the foundation and concealer. However, my mum came into contact with some intense sunlight a few years ago resulting in dark pigmentation on her face. She's tried a number of different treatments and products but it continues to stay and furthermore she finds it nearly impossible to hide even with heavy make up. When I told her about the product she was more than happy to be my model for this review.


I started with using the mineral foundation which comes as a loose powder . As I wasn't sent a brush I used a bare mineral foundation brush to apply. To apply this foundation I tapped a bit of the loose mineral powder into the lid and then swirled with the brush before applying to the face in circular motions. My mum is slightly fairer than me so I was worried it may be a bit too dark for her. But it blended in perfectly due to the true match technology used by Sheer Cover. This is a build-able foundation, and for my mum I used about 3 applications.


Even after just using the foundation there was a noticeable reduction in the appearance of the pigmentation. Furthermore there was good coverage of the few spots and marks that she had. However the pigmentation was still slightly present, as were the dark circles under her eyes. I then moved onto using the Conceal and Brighten Trio. I started by using the lighter shade and then used the darker shade to blend and match her skin tone. Not only did this product work fantastically but it also had a distinct smell which I thought was rather nice, and reminded me of oranges for some reason! I finished off by using some of the brightener under her eye and on her cheekbone.

As you can see the product worked excellently! Its a shame I only had an iPhone 5 camera to work with as it really doesn't show of just how well the product worked. My mums eyes definitely look brighter and more awake, and her skin looks even and smooth. I would say this is only medium coverage as well and you could build it up to a heavier coverage if you so wish. I was so impressed with the product I had to put some on myself to see how it would work for me. I also then tried the fibre lash extensions that I was also sent.


In my haste I totally forgot I would be blogging this so didn't do my hair or eyebrows - oops. But my skin does looks pretty flawless thanks to the sheer cover makeup (if I do say so myself)! I personally found that it was a really good foundation for someone with clear skin like me as it gives a even full coverage without looking cakey or feeling heavy! With regards to the lash fibres I didn't have high expectations as I already have long eyelashes. I also have found in the past that the brands that specialise in a particular area (such as mineral foundation) don't do so well in other areas (eye and lip products). I do think however that these lash fibres worked fairly well as there is definitely a difference in thickness and volume between my two lashes.
To apply I put two coats of my favourite l'Oreal mascara on both eyes. Then on one eye I put a layer of the fibre lashes and then finished with another coat of mascara to set.

 In case you didn't notice, it was the right eye that I used fibre lashes!

Over all I was really impressed with the products and would definitely recommended this brand. My mum was also so happy with the coverage that she wants to go out and buy some of her own. And just so you know, she is a difficult woman to impress!

If you have any questions about the product or how to use it please leave a comment below 


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  1. heeey! hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i'll follow you back soon!

  2. Great in depth review!! I've been wanting to try Sheer Cover for a while because I get bad circles under my eyes. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

  3. I have tried fibre mascaras before, but somehow they alway get in my eyes and are uncomfortable with my contacts.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I was dubious about trying these as I had heard previously about how the fibres seem to always drop and get into peoples eyes and/or onto the face. But both times I've used the lashes they have been fine. I don't know if it's because I don't use a lot, or they work particularly well with my mascara, I am lucky, or it is a good product but so far so good!

  4. Thanks for your review; I always wonder about the products on tv commercials like this and if they really work!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  5. What an excellent review! I love that you have photos of your mother modeling the sheer cover foundation, and that you modeled the mascara. I agree with your mom that the make-up containers look bland and not beautiful. For me part of the fun in using specialty beauty products is that they come in lovely containers.