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Hey Guys,

So firstly I would like to say sorry for my appalling behaviour in previous posts. It has just come to my attention that I never greet my readers, ever. I go straight into topic, assuming you'd like to listen. From now on I will definitely be more welcoming.

Anyway, anyone who knows me would be aware of my love for food. Its not just a love for eating but actual love for food itself, I live to eat, I love flavours, I am a self-confessed foodoholic! So when my parents suggest we go to Bluewater for the day I say yes because I know, somewhere in the itinerary there will be food. And of course I was right.

So we've had a little look around the shops, and mum says we need to do a food shop from Marks and Spencer so maybe we should have a light snack there before heading home. Now, I was a little disappointed as eating in Marks and Spencer is not what I had in mind, but then she informed me there was a little area where champagne and platters were served. She had been before with dad and they both said it was really nice so I had to try it.

I was little dubious walking towards M&S but was pleasantly surprised when I actually got there, sat down and looked around. I had noticed it before but not paid much attention to it.

As we only intended to have a light snack we chose two of their platters to share between the three of us (they are portioned as a large lunch for one). There was the option to upgrade and have a glass of cava or Prosecco which obviously we selected. Well, actually I tried to be good and ordered water to begin with but after finding out that Prosecco was in fact low-carb (I know, unbelievable) I just didn't have a reason to say no.

My mum and dad had been previously, as I had said, and had really loved the 'Shellfish' platter. This was "1/2 a lobster in lemon & parsley dressing, dressed Orkney crab, Madagascan prawns, oak smoked Lochmuir salmon, watercress".

Shellfish Deli Platter - £19.95
I think this platter was really nice, especially the crab paste and the lemon and parsley dressing. The salmon also had that 'special' taste, where you could tell it was high quality food. I think that the overall flavours were good but a too delicate for my liking and could have tasted stronger. BUT I have to admit that I was hungover during this experience and this could have affected my taste buds. This seems likely as both my parents found it delicious and flavoursome.

Ploughman's Platter £10.95

Again this dish was beautifully presented and consisted of Wiltshire cured ham,  Barber's Cheddar, Melton Mowbray pork pie, 'soft-set' Scotch egg, sweet pickle & piccolino vine tomatoes. The sweet pickle is what made this dish as it had a beautiful balance of sweet and spice. Although I enjoyed this platter I felt like it was something I could make at home and therefore though £10.95 was a lot to spend. However all the ingredients were Marks and Spencer quality and you can purchase all the ingredients within the store too!

Both platters were also accompanied with some soft bread. As I am on a low carb diet I avoided this as much as possible but it smelt so good couldn't resist one bite. I think the guilt got to me too much though as I couldn't properly enjoy it.

I'd recommend eating here if you are in a rush in Bluewater and fancy a nice quick lunch or snack. The service is faster than that of a normal restaurant and the food is of good quality. They also serve main meals that I am tempted to try at some point also!


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