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Shorts New Look | Bracelet Primark Watch Michael Kors | 
Sun Glasses Rayban | Sandals Primark  |

So I want to start doing some shorter blog posts focused on fashion and beauty so thought I'd start with an overdue blog post on my festival look that I put together.

I wanted a really summery look so decided to stay away from winged liner, my comfort zone, and to rely on just eye shadow to create a nice eye shape. I created this eye look just by using colours from my urban decay naked palette.

 I then used some clip in extensions to create body and curled my hair using my GHD's. I got this super cute flower crown from Primark! The only other jewellery I decided to wear was my michael kors watch, a bracelet from primark and this tribal style necklace.


For my outfit I chose something light and summery and quite typically festival-esque!

The reason I love blogging is that an outfit and a selfie is never wasted and I love selfies!


I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck

This post is an apology to myself for being such a terrible blogger lately.
The honeymoon period of blogging is over and no longer do I consistently think of blog posts to write or find any opportunity to write a blog post. At the moment my life is in a standstill period where I am busy doing so much of absolutely nothing and haven't had the motivation to commit to blogging.

I do however want to keep my blog alive so thought I would do one blog post dedicated to a few of the different places I've eaten recently and taken pictures of but not had time to blog about. It's food heaven - ENJOY!

So I've been to the classic Italian restaurants...

This was the dish I wish I'd ordered! Not only did it look cool but those potatoes with the softest tastiest potatoes I've had in such a long time!

Had the extra chilli and chilli oil on it of course!

As we were out for a birthday I could have some chocolate cake guilt free, yay!



I went for the healthier option of a steak salad on garlic flatbread, unlike my friend who went for the full fat, fully flavoursome pasta. And yes it tastes as good as it looks!

Then you have your Mexican restaurants!
Las Iguanas

Sometime's we just come for the 241 cocktails!

I love my sauces and dips! Especially Mexican ones.
The red one was a cranberry salsa that was delicious!



 My friend went for a more traditional dessert where as I wanted to try something new so selected the churros. They tasted a bit like battered pastry and I wasn't sure if I liked them or not but I couldn't stop eating them! Originally was going to get them with the chocolate dip but I was advised that it was dark chocolate so went for the salted caramel instead. I was happy with that decision.

Salted Caramel Dip

Red Peppers

Not strictly a Mexican restaurant but I chose a Mexican main so thought I would add it to this section. Located in Birmingham centre the reason I would go to this place is purely for the frozen strawberry daiquiri which is one of the best drinks I've ever had which may be due to the fact that I love slushies and cocktails. The food was also nice but I got too distracted to take any proper pictures :')

I also recently went to a peruvian tapas place called...
Senor Ceviche

The food was so delicious and located in Kingly Court in Central London, a little square with lots of little eatery's that I didn't know existed. I'd also recommend their mocktails, as one of the girls I was with had one and it was sooo refreshing; I wish I'd got one!

& Finally let's finish with some dessert...
Jo Jo's

Literally stepped into heaven when my friend finally took me to JoJo's Gelato in Hove. I'd previously been creams which was good but this place was on another level. The best thing about this place is the ice cream flavours. They cadburies cream egg flavour, latte flavour, jam doughnut, red bull sorbet, and so much more!

I don't know about anyone reading this but now I am extremely hungry!